DTF Transfer

What is a DTF Transfer?

DTF transfers are a type of garment transfer that has been printed using a water-based DTF ink printed onto a clear release paper. This allows the end user the flexibility of when the transfer is applied and what the transfer is applied to. DTF transfers can be made in single-color or full-color images. Keep in mind that full-color transfers will feel slightly thicker than single-color transfers simply because more ink is used to create the transfer itself but we do pride ourselves on having some of the thinnest full-color DTF transfers on the market.


DTF has become the most popular & faster application on the market. This requires no weeding, no designing, and VERY little effort. You can start your own business with a heat press & a shirt!

Can be applied to any combination of poly/cotton, including 100% cotton AND any type of material.

Almost all of our DTF transfers are offered in the following sizes:

3.5" on the longest side - Pocket

5" on the longest side - Infant

7” on the longest side - Youth

11" on the longest side - Reg Adult

13" on the longest side - Large Adult

15" on the longest side - XL Adult

*Images are stock that you are able to use for promotions and do not always reflect how it will show on a shirt. 

How to apply for your DTF transfer

DTF transfers require the use of a commercial-grade heat press due to the high, even pressure that is needed for the correct application. You cannot use a Cricut heat press or at-home irons. DTF needs even and heavy pressure to seal in the print.

No Teflon sheets or parchment paper is needed to cover your press. Using Teflon can cause issues when pressing.

How to Press DTF Transfers

Prepress garment to remove excess moisture

Be sure to place the transfer on the shirt's vibrant side up facing you.

Pressing Temperature: 300°F-325°F

Pressing Time: 20-25 seconds

Pressure: HIGH 8-9 PSI


Optional: We prefer to do another 5-second press after the cold peel. 

How to care for your Graphic

We recommend that all DTF graphics are washed inside and out on a cool cycle. You can hang dry for longevity or use a no/low heat tumble dry. The less heat used during the wash will reduce the amount of wear that any graphic eventually will have and keep your graphics vibrant! 

We are not responsible for damaged transfers after you have pressed them. Please make sure you are knowledgeable about your heat, pressing pressure, and peeling technique. This includes using non-commercial grade heat presses or irons to try and use our transfers. 

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