Why Fit in DTF

Why Fit in DTF

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1. Preheat heat press on medium to hottest setting. Temperate should be 350°F and pressure should 70 psi and over.
2. Iron on over garment to remove any creases and heat the fabric.
3. Place transfer face up in position on garment and cover with grease proof sheet. Never heat press directly on the Transfer.
4. Heat press for 15 Seconds.
5. Please let the transfer cool for 15 seconds before removing the tape.
6.After it gets cold, Peel the backing away from one corner to ensure transfers has stuck, if so peel remaining of slowly. İf the transfer has not stuck, repress for 10 seconds in burst of 5 seconds to keep checking.
7. Once you have peeled away the clear film tape place the grease proof sheet again and reput the garment in the heat press for another 5 seconds to fix the transfer in place.
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