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Laser Cutting Service

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We offer custom laser cutting and engraving services on our products. Our custom laser cutting service covers almost any item you can imagine. It is  particularly popular for:

  • Jewelry blanks for jewelry makers
  • Custom sign bases for sign-makers using vinyl or paint
  • Personalized gifts

You can send us your laser ready file or if you do not have file we can design one for you! To obtain a quote e-mail your design details. In your e-mail include the size of your design, quantity, and material you want. If you have a laser ready file please include that in the e-mail. 

How much does it cost?
Material cost and laser time play a factor into configuring your quote. Keep in mind detailed shapes, will take longer to cut than a plain circle/square, adding engraving in your design will also increase the laser time. The type of material used also impacts the total laser time. For example 1/4 inch acrylic takes longer to cut than 1/8.  

What is a laser ready file?
We prefer you send us an Adobe file or SVG file. Make  sure your design is the size you want it cut, as we will not modify your file. In your file you will want to make all the lines you want cut one color (black) and all the lines you want engraved another color (red).

What happens after you e-mail us?
After you e-mail us we will review your laser ready file. We will then send the file to our laser software to get an idea on how long your file will take to cut/engrave. If you do not have a file our team will work on creating one for you. Please note if you do not have a file or your file is not laser ready a "Design Fee" will be added to your quote. 

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